Dawn of Titans Wiki

Titans can pass their energy to one another willingly through the process known as Fusion. This means that you can sacrifice the Titans that you don't want in favor of the the Titans that you do want. This will increase the receiving Titan's level, making them even more powerful.

Fuse Titans together for:

  • Increased base stats.
  • A chance to open additional Relic slots.
  • A chance to open new Skill slots.
  • A chance to improve existing Skills.

WARNING - if you Fuse one Titan together with another Titan, you will be sacrificing the selected Titan into your main chosen Titan. You cannot get the selected Titan back - it has been Fused: sacrificed for the greater good of your selected Titan.

Titan Fusion Screen Titan Fusion

Unlocking Titan Fusion

Titan Fusion unlocks when you reach Castle Level 7. There will be a Quest in your Quest Journal that you can follow to explore Fusion, so make sure that you don't sell off your Titans before you unlock Titan Fusion. Fuse them instead!

Skills and Relics

Each Titan has the potential to unlock a set amount of Skill and Relic slots, depending on their rarity. The rarer the Titan the more Skill and Relic slots can be unlocked through Titan Fusion. Regardless of rarity, a Titan comes with one Skill and one Relic slot unlocked.

A rarity 1 titan can unlock up to two additional Skill/Relic slots.

A rarity 2 titan can unlock up to three additional Skill/Relic slots.

A rarity 3 titan can unlock up to four additional Skill/Relic slots.

A rarity 4 titan can unlock up to five additional Skill/Relic slots.

Titan Fusion skills

The highlighted squares around the locked Skills and Relics are showing the possible unlocks that could be achieved when using Fusion.