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Fusion is good for leveling up your titans, unlocking skill slots, and unlocking relic slots. The ONLY WAY to unlock additional skill and relic slots is through fusion. Here are some basic rules to help you.

1. When possible use titans of the same class when fusing. This seems to give the greatest boosts. I. E. Fuse champions with champions and so on. This doesn't mean other types of fusion can't be useful... but it seems you get the most bang for your buck by doing it this way.

2. It seems that you can only unlock one new relic or skill slot per fuse. So there's a smart way to go about this. Use 1 star titans to unlock the 2nd slot... use 2 star titans to unlock the 3rd slot, ONLY use 3 star titans to attempt to unlock the 4th slot. Do not use the higher star titans until the previous slots have been unlocked. Why? Because the higher star titans are the only ones who can unlock subsequent slots. If you waste a higher star titan on the 2nd or 3rd slot... and then use a lower star titan... you will not be able to unlock the final slots.

WARNING: there is no guarantee that you will unlock the slots. It only gives you a chance to do so. I personally lost two 3 star titans trying to unlock the 4th slots on my main 3 star titan... super frustrating and a mechanic that I believe DoT should revise. You should have an 80% chance of unlocking slots when using a rare titan like that.... COME ON GUYS!! It isn't like 3 stars are easy to come by. This is a drag on the game.

3. Fusing multiple units at once will give you a greater XP boost. It also seems more economic than fusing them one by one. For example, if you fuse one... it may cost you 12,000 food but if you fuse 4 titans at once... it may only cost you 20,000 food. I don't personally understand why this is but I have a hunch.

My Theory:
Each time you fuse, it gives you a chance to unlock / upgrade skills within the potential star ratings of the titans you are fusing. Thus, four individual fuses gives you a much greater chance to upgrade / unlock skills etc than one fuse of four titans. Thus the additional cost of food to do individual fuses. It appears that there is no XP bonus one way or another to fusing individually or in groups. A second theory... through talking with numerous players and doing my own trial and error I am becoming more convinced that this is the correct theory. Just as with relic repair... the more you use and the higher the quality.. the greater the chance of success. This is not so important when unlocking slot number 2 but for slots 3 and 4 and so on... I HIGHLY recommend maxing out the fuse before feeding a two or three star titan in. This will guarantee the highest probability of unlocking additional relic slots or skills.

4. All titans have a pool of special skills that can be unlocked. I am not sure of the exact number but I want to say it is in the range of 10+ potential skills. Thus, it is rare that any titans will be exactly alike. If you have 3 skill slots for example, you will get some random combination of the potential skills so even another player with the exact same titan is unlikely to have the same combination.

5. Each of the skills can be upgraded. But once the skill is set into a slot, there is no way to change it.

6. As of now, there is no way to know the percentage chance of unlocking / upgrading during a fusion. This is a mechanic that is annoying and should be absolutely changed by DoT.

That's about all I know. Hope it was helpful!

Zac aka Lord Linton


BD Inc. strategy is the following. When we get a titan we like... We absolutely do not use them... The more Xp a titan has, the more expensive it is in food to do the fusion process.

As stated above, fusion is a chance to upgrade a skill or unlock another skill aswell as unlocking another relic slot.

We fuse 1s titans, 1 at a time. Would rather have 4 chances then just 1. Fuse 1s titans until there is no longer a pulsating glow on any skills. No glow.. No chance to unlock. After this... We move on to using 2s titans as our fusion chow ... Repeat and move to 3s...

Remembering that the more xp the more expensive in food, "do not" fuse the same type. As stated above fusing the same type adds a little more xp... Try to unlock and upgrade as many skills and slots as possible without leveling your titan.

I hope you all can benefit from this. BD Inc._Mute



Everyone wants a level 40 titan right? But it's not so easy to get there is it? Here are some tips for getting your titans up there quickly...

1. Campaign mode. This is an economic way to rack up XP without spending a lot of portal stones. It's one stone per 100 xp.

2. FUSION - this was explained in the previous section... fusion is a rapid way to level your titan and should be used. NOTE: Depending on your playing style... you may want to have a lot or a few titans. I started the game with a ton of different titans thinking I was going to level them all... I got about 4 titans to level 20 (they were one star) and quickly realized that after about gold league... these titans aren't doing too much good. So I fused them into a few 2 and 3 star titans. I recommend having one main titan for attack and one for defense. (at first...) Thus, consider not holding onto 15 titans in your inventory when you really only need 3-4... If you are an island junkie... then you will need more. So like I said, you must decide how you want to play.

3. Titan Arenas and Monuments - These are great. You can quickly get your titan to level 10 or 15 in a few days if you simply hit these every couple of hours. They have a 24 hr cooldown however... this is frustrating at first but be patient. Once you get to about castle level 10 or so... you will be able to hit about 6 different spots between the arenas and monuments. This should keep you busy if you are focusing on one particular titan. The other cool thing is these spots tend to drop other titans at a higher rate (one and two stars). Thus you can not only get the 700 XP or whatever from the hit but you can fuse afterwards if you get drops. VERY HELPFUL.

4. HIT A LOT OF TARGETS - sounds silly but you'd be surprised that this common sense technique works. The more targets you hit, the more XP you accumulate. Look for GREEN numbers when hitting castles or islands. The GREEN number indicates the highest chance of item / titan drops. WHITE means average chance. ORANGE means low chance.

There you have it. Hope this helps you get your titans up there so you can be a beast in the game!

Zac aka Lord Linton



Have you ever found yourself against a titan that was worse than fighting Rocky? I mean ... that thing just won't go down! Don't worry; you're not alone. Chances are you are dealing with a titan that has armor and / or resists.

Here's what you need to know.

1. Armor is a catch all form of defense. It basically reduces the incoming attack by a certain amount. In my experimentation... it appears that at 100% armor, you deflect 75% of the incoming damage. In other words, if say a titan would normally hit you and take off 2,000 hp per hit, with 100% armor, it would be 2,000 x 25% or 500. 75% of the damage was absorbed by the armor.

2. Armor piercing changes the game a bit. If you have a Kormak or relics that boost armor piercing, they bypass the armor.

Here is my theory on how it works:

Armor Factor = (armor % - armor piercing %) Armor Factor will never be less than 0.
Armor Factor's range will vary between 0 and .75 What this means is that at 100% armor, you deflect .75 or 75% of the incoming attack.
DAMAGE = Base Attack x (1 - Armor Factor)

3. I don't believe having armor above 100% does anything. (Does anyone know this for sure?)

4. Armor can be added in the following ways: a) it is a skill that can be unlocked on certain titans, the skill is Cuirass. b) It can also be improved by equipping certain relics. c) Certain titans like Champions and Guardians have a base armor built into them from the start.

Yo Adriaaaaaannnn!!

Zac aka Lord Linton


Sounds kind of like a Star Wars sequel doesn't it? So what exactly does resistance mean ... for your titan anyway?

1. If armor is a catch all defense, resistance is a specific defense against one particular element... like fire. There are six elements. Physical, Poison, Shock, Ice, Earth, Fire.

2. According to other players and sources, the maximum resistance factor or (resistance cap) is 90%. So at 100% or more resistance, you would deflect 90% of the attack's damage.

Here is my theory on how it works:

Resistance Factor = (resistance % x .9) Resistance factor's range is between 0 and .9
DAMAGE = Base Attack x (1 - Resistance Factor)

Now go join the resistance.

Zac aka Lord Linton


In this section... I am going to simply share thoughts.

1. Armor and Resists work together as a two fold defense. However, I don't know exactly how that formula works out... I don't know if the max downgrade on any attack is a 90% downgrade OR if you have full resists and armor... if it downgrades even further than that.

2. There is no full immunity.The game makers ensured that no matter how powerful the resists and armor... it will never completely nullify an attack altogether. (but it practically does... and you will be losing that battle Daniel San... back to wax on wax off.)

3. When thinking about resists and titans... the most common attack elements are fire, physical, and ice. Thus a fire resistant titan is arguably more valuable than a shock resistant one. I happen to know a guy who has a Valwen that has many resists. She is so good at deflecting your attack that people thought he was hacking... but he showed me her stats... she just has very high resists in key elements.

So in thinking both about what kinds of titans you want to have with what resists... or thinking about attack titans to BYPASS other people's resists... keep in mind that most players seek to get fire, phys, or ice resist... and for good reason.

As mentioned in other sections, you can boost resists just like armor with specific relics. So boost away.

Lastly, if you are on the attacking side, let's say you are going up against VenomTusk (a powerful and ugly 4 star titan). His attack element is poison... so what kind of resist would be helpful for this? You got it... but no cookie for you because that was an easy question. Let's say you have a titan with poison resist... you can slap acid rings (relics) on your titan to get your resistance up to near 100%. Even VenomTusk will have an impossible time killing you on the battlefield because he'll be losing 90% of all his attack damage.

Hope that helps you understand how it all works together.

Zac aka Lord Linton



This first step to winning battles is to properly analyze your opponent. I have found that failure to do this and to make use of all available resources to attack properly has led to many defeats that could have otherwise been victories.

1. Your Titan. - Most people will have one main attack titan. As players progress, they will build up their arsenal with an array of powerful titans. Each class of Titan has strengths and weaknesses. My main is Kazut (a 3 star Unak). Guardian titans are slow but highly armored and can generally take and deal a big amount of damage. Champion titans are similar to Guardians as are Paladins. Then you have Infiltrators and Berzerkers. They are fast and can move quickly... they also generally can deal high damage... but their key weakness is their low HP. You will have to buffer them with lots of relics and SHIELDs otherwise you will find them quickly dying on the battlefield. Suffice it to say... you want to pick your best titan for the battle.

2. Look at your opponent's troops. I cannot stress how important this is. You will have a different strategy based on the troop mix and a one size fits all... will cost you battles. There are three main categories in the game. Tank / Heavy (dumb bell icon), Fast Moving (arrow icon), and Ranged (target icon). Each type of unit has strengths and weaknesses. Ranged units are generally vulnerable to fast moving units and other ranged units. Tanks are vulnerable to ranged and Fast moving are vulnerable to Tank. You also want to look at the ORDERING of the troops in battle. All troops will spawn from a general location. Use this to your advantage to gain distance on the battlefield OR to station executioner troops at the point of entry to take them out quickly. There is more to say on properly engaging the troops and that will be covered in another section.

3. RELICS - I cannot stress the importance of relics. My main has 4 slots. I understand that not everyone's titan will have so many slots. But what you generally want to aim for is: HP enhancing relics, Armor enhancing Relics, Critical / Armor piercing, Resist relics. For example... if I am going against an all Goliath defense... I will equip and Earth Ring with the highest resistance I have to offset some of the damage the Goliaths will do... you might also equip Great Maul which in creases your titan's damage against them for that battle. I generally do not use troop enhancing relics... but some may disagree on this. An exception may be Archer enhancing with armor piercing shots if I am going against a powerful titan and need to use Archers as my support group.

4. SPELLS - Again... very very important. The right mix will really help... the wrong mix may mean the difference between win and lose. You need to understand what kind of troops / titan your opponent has and use accordingly. Fireballs are really good at taking out ranged units like grenadiers. Shields are great for buffing your Titan in the midst of the fray of battle. Freeze is great for immobilizing your opponent's titan so you can give it a pounding etc. Think through the battle and everything already mentioned before you choose.

5. Reinforcements & Your troop Mix - Reinforcements are simply an add on to your general troops. However, it should be noted that they will generally drop in behind your other troops... this can be VERY helpful for warding off a rear or flank attack. If you have spearmen for example you can drop in behind your ranged units. So pick your troops wisely and think through how you will counter act your opponent's set up.

6. BATTLEFIELD - there are different dynamics depending on the battlefield. Castles surprisingly are the easiest to attack in my opinion because there is no danger of rear or flank attacks. It is a head on collision with your enemy. This provides you the attacker with a serious advantage. When attacking islands however, it is a greatly different dynamic. You may be surrounded etc. There is no way to know the island battlefield layout until you attack. So this gives the defender an advantage. HOWEVER, once you know the layout... you can attack it in the future and be more prepared... provided you are attacking the same island.

That's all for the set up. Hope it was helpful

Zac aka Lord Linton


Once you have properly prepared yourself for the battle, it is time to execute.

1. What DEVICE are you using? - I am using a mobile phone. In my opinion this is the most difficult because of small screen size and potential for control error. NEVERTHELESS, I have gotten really good a still kicking butt. If you have a tablet or some other device... this will help because you will have better visibility. One thing I do to mitigate the challenge of a small device is to zoom out as soon as possible.

2. PRE - ORDERING YOUR TROOPS - This is important. Again... too much to be said here. But think through the battle and what you need to do. In a castle set up, there may not be too much pre ordering because you want the troops to charge you so you can waste them with your ranged units... I usually will send one "distraction" unit into the fray to get all the militia / titan to engage while the ranged pounds them. I will usually have my titan follow close behind.

With an island set up, it is different. These are the more challenging battles in my opinion. You need to understand which enemy units are attacking and how to best counter that. You should have also thought through the battle as explained in the previous section.

3. Stationing your troops for max impact. You should obviously protect your ranged units behind your titan or spearmen. The ranged are really most vulnerable to fast units like panthers, militia, pikes. Slow will wreck them too but will take a long time to get to the ranged units. Usually you want to engage the enemy head on and let your ranged support your titan or other units. A couple simple formations are ranged behind spear etc. Sometimes I will park a panther or a militia unit BEHIND my main line... and put them in HALT mode so that I can use them later in the battle... to attack archers / grenadiers... or simply to pick up spell drops on the battlefield. There are a number of advanced techniques covered more fully in other sections but here's one. The circle technique (I call it the FIRE FLOWER). You want to put your heavy troops in the middle while creating a bit of a U (semi - circle) with your ranged units (grenades / archers) The enemy units should engage in the center while they get pounded all around. This is the primary technique for winning against an all goliath defense. (I use it all the time) :)

4. Moving down the battlefield or not... Depending on the types of troops etc... it may make sense to move down the battlefield to catch other enemy units as they spawn... other times it makes sense to hang back and let them come to you. I would say the hang back is the more common option. An exception may be that you want to get a couple fast units down quickly to attack a series of grenadiers that you know are coming down the pipeline. (this is all explained in the battle analysis section).

In summary, there are a variety of important things in good execution. This, like battle setup can mean the difference between winning or losing.

That's it for now. Hope this helps your game.

Zac aka Lord Linton


Distract and Destroy (AKA The DD)

Use your most powerful source of offense, either your Titan or highest level troops, and send them forward while leaving the others behind. Wait for a few seconds, then order your remaining troops to go around the battle area and attack the opponent(Make sure you attack from the back, or else this mistake will render this strategy useless). This is called a 'Rear Attack', adding 10x damage to ensure complete destruction. However, your center of distraction might be destroyed, so only use this strategy if you don't care about your group of troops distracting the enemy or your group of troops is above level 6.

Rear Shield

Sometimes in battles there will be an enemy hiding, waiting for the battle to start and attack from the rear, dealing 10 times more damage than normal. To ensure your safety, order a group of troops to stand ground and wait for a few seconds. When no attacks are visible, it is safe to move forward.


Defeating your opponent's titan is arguably one of the most important aspects to winning the battle. I will offer a few key points here to help you.

1. What Kind of Titan is it? - There are different classes of titans... Champion, Guardian, Infiltrator, Ranger etc. Knowing the type of titan can be found from the battle page. You should also look at the titan's relics and skills.

2. Find the Weakness - Once you know what kind of titan it is and what relics / skills it has... you can decide how to attack. If I am going up against an infiltrator... I can attack with just about anything because they have no defensive skills... the only thing to look for are relics... if the infiltrator has all fire resist relics... I will attack with ice or physical or earth for example. The more difficult titans to beat are the ones with armor. Namely, Champions and Paladins are among the most difficult defenders of castles... almost all other types can be easily beaten. If you are attacking and notice that your grenadiers aren't doing much damage... you are going against a titan with fire resist skills / armor / relics... you need to find a different strategy.

3. Use freeze. When in doubt I would recommend bringing MORE freezes than you think you may need. If you don't kill the titan before you run out of freezes... they will slaughter your back end (ranged)... this will mess up your entire attack.

4. Be aware of other troop interference. You must be careful to make sure you can complete your attack on the enemy titan without the other enemy troops distracting your units that are attacking (like your pikes / gren)... I generally will send my main titan forward to go for the other units and draw fire so that the troops I have selected can do their job on my opponent's titan. The biggest threat are the ranged units like grenadiers... as they will quickly slaughter pike and other ranged units you may be using to attack the titan. Make sure they don't interfere with your attack.

That's it. Every battle is a little different and you'll have to put these principles into action until you have mastered how to attack the different titan types.

Zac aka Lord Linton


Let's say your opponent has a line up of Goliaths as his/her defense. What do you do?

1. Use the FIRE FLOWER attack. But first you need to make sure you have taken care of any other units. The ideal set up is you have your grenade / archers in semi-circle formation with your titan in the center point... draw the goliaths into the center and pound with your titan and ranged. You may need to use a shield or freeze spell too.

2. Be careful to check the Goliath levels... I would NOT recommend trying to win against an all goliath defense if your ranged units are more than ... 2-3 levels behind the giants. In other words... if there are level 12 goliaths... and you only have level 8 grenadiers... you likely won't be able to win. You just don't have the fire power. Ideally you want your ranged units less than 2 levels below the giants.

3. Use at least 5 ranged units. If you have 7 battle slots... my usual set up is 6 ranged and 1 pike / spear unit. The pike / spear is a shield for the first wave of the battle... once those troops are out of the way... it's just your titan, your ranged... and a lot of goliaths coming your way...

4. KITING - this is an advanced technique against the all goliath defense if you are worried your titan doesn't have enough HP to take them head on. (useful for infiltrator type titans or in situations where you are going up against high level giants with lots of HP.)

The technique is simple and thus the name. A kite is flown back and forth in the air. Thus you move your titan back and forth in a horizontal line but within range of your grenadiers / archers... these will pepper the giants again and again as they clumsily try to catch your titan. The only thing to be aware of is TIME!!!! Make sure you don't run out of time.

With proper execution... the all goliath defense is actually quite easy to beat. I do it all the time.

Zac aka Lord Linton


Similar to the all goliath... your opponent intends to shower you with fire on the back end... what do you do?

1. Don't panic. Have your local fire department number at the ready. Remember if you catch fire... stop, drop, and roll.

2. OPTION 1 - Fire resistant Tank Titan - if you have a titan with MASSIVE HP and you can equip it with some fire resistant relics or it has an innate fire resist skill... you are well on your way. All you have to do is get to the grenadiers and your titan will begin wiping them out. Slap a shield on that bad boy for the hot journey as your titan will get pelted with fire on the way. I also recommend sending a distraction wave too like a unit of spear right in front of your titan. This will be targeted FIRST by the grenades and save your titan from taking the heat.

3. SPELL OPTION - Use fireballs to take out grenade units... this is PARTICULARLY helpful in the all grenade defense because you can take advantage of clustering. (lots of units packed together) You should be able to take out 2-3 units with a single fireball. I call this fighting fire with fire. Two fireballs could decimate the grenadiers. Another very helpful spell is the poison cloud... this can easily take out 3 units... place the poison cloud in the midst OR right at the spawn point and the units will drop into a death trap. (cough, cough)

Go get 'em.

Zac aka Lord Linton


This attack is one of fire and ice. I use it all the time and it takes out most titans. I use majority grenade with a couple of pike units and sometimes a spear unit for extra buffer.

This attack takes good timing... so I let the enemy units charge and my grenades wipe out most of them... once the titan gets into close range... I freeze and pound with pike and grenade. The main thing you need to worry about is the enemy grenadiers or archers taking out your pike units.... (the main downside to pike is their low HP and ranged vulnerability). Pike have extremely high attack actually and most titans do not have ice defense. I have killed some major titans by giving them an ICE BATH. If the titan is resistant to fire... it's okay... the pike will do the job and the grenadiers will be useful for all the rest of the enemy troops.

Zac aka Lord Linton


In this game, you must understand the elements and how they work in attack and defense. You like my witty title choice you say? ... why thank you.

1. Every unit and titan has an attack element. Unaks' element is fire. Pike is ice. Goliath is earth. Militia, Spear, Archer are physical. Panthers / Mossmane are poison.

2. No one titan can resist all elements. So therein lies the secret to advanced attacking. You must find the weakness. This is explained more in detail in a different section.

3. Knowing your enemy's titan and troops will allow you to select relics / titan that best suit the attack. If you have a titan that has earth resist for example... this kind of titan would be brilliant against an all goliath defense. Why? Because the goliaths' attack element is earth. Your titan will resist their attacks. While the goliaths are trying (and not succeeding) to kill your titan, you pound them with grenade. Let's say you are going against an Elithen titan like Tirius... (he's a tough one). His attack element is ice... so if you have ice resist... it will resist his attacks more. Do you get it?

Zac aka Lord Linton



You would be amazed at how many players don't understand that there is a good and a bad titan for castle defense.

1. First rule of castle defense. Do not use an infiltrator. Why you say? They are great at attack... horrible at defense. As a matter of fact they have no defensive skills and low HP. (Does this sound like a winning combination to you?) I have personally beaten a fully tricked out level 50 Sarkon (4 star) infiltrator titan. (And trust me folks... I'm not even a super high level player yet... I have level 10 grenades... lol)

But then again... if you are feeling generous and want to bless the Dawn of Titan community with lots of gold and food resources... use an infiltrator.

2. You want a titan with Armor / High HP and resists. You will not be able to control your titan in battle... the clumsy AI does that. So you have a disadvantage already. You need to select a titan that can withstand a pounding and keep standing. Easier said than done. Use relics to augment your titan's innate skill set.

3. Champions and Paladins are among the hardest titans to defeat for castle defense. So... ideally you want one of those. If you can't get one / don't have one... use something else... see rule #1 again.

4. Level your titan. - Do I need any more explanation on this?

Zac aka Lord Linton


You have a decent titan in there... great. Now let's look at your troops.

1. Upgrade Your Garrison. - this is self explanatory.

2. As you level up your castle... PURGE out low level giants and pike units. I have seen a ton of castle 11 players with like lvl 8 giants in their keep! This is funny... but not for them... for me because I get their resources easily.

To purge out your troops, first you must withdraw them from defense all together... you will have to temporarily substitute spear or some other unit for pike or goliath. Focus on one unit type at a time... like goliath. Either kill them all off in battle until you have zero and then use some fresh scrolls to make new ones... the new ones will be at the same level as your castle. OR if you take the units into a battle against an easy target like an island... when you win the battle... if the units survive... they will automatically be upgraded to your current castle level. One of these two techniques will work until you purge out your old troops. (the difference between a level 8 and level 11 giant is huge)

3. Mixing up your troops. I personally like about 50% giants, with one pike unit and the rest grenade. This provides a well rounded defense in my opinion. Some players disagree and like an all goliath defense or all grenade or goliath / grenade combo. So use what works for you.

4. Troop ordering... I haven't figured out how to control this. It would seem like a very important thing in the game to control which units came down the pipeline first, second etc... but it seems the game randomly assigns an order... (someone correct this if you have more knowledge on how to control this).

Zac aka Lord Linton



Relics are a critical component of the game. Using them rightly and wisely will ensure attacking and defending victory. Ignore them to your peril.

Relics allow you the player to boost your titan's attributes. There is a relic for practically everything under the sun. (Including making omelettes.) Here are a few basic things to know about relics.

1. The ordering of the relics you equip to your titan does not matter.

2. Relics can be upgraded and you can unlock additional buffs on 2 star relics and up.

3. You can tell what star type a relic is on your opponent by the durability number. 1 star relics have 20 durability, 2 star have 16, 3 star have 12, 4 star have 8.

4. You can equip more than one relic of the same type... for example two 2 star fire rings. If the relics are in their default state... It rejects it with an error of Can not use identical relics. The way around this is to upgrade one of the relics... Then it is no longer identical. As long as they are on your titan, they can be upgraded to an identical state.

5. Relics can be used to buff almost any attribute such as HP, armor, resistance, critical strike rate, attack / defense of troops etc.

6. There are three types of relics: combat, item, and economy relics. The combat are the most used... items are the scrolls that give you troops or spells, economy are the plows, pickaxes etc that boost production in some form or lower troop training times.

7. Each time you fight a battle with an equipped relic, the durability will decrease by one. Once the relic reaches zero, it stops working until you repair it.

8. You can get relics in a variety of ways. Through the temple, through fighting battles and through special events. I rarely purchase relics and get almost all of them through drops in battle.

Okay that's it for relics 101.

Zac aka Lord Linton


Now you understand the basics of relics. Now let's maximize their usefulness by upgrading them.

1. Every relic has a base or starting set of buffs and a max level. Often the max level is 30 - 75% greater than the base starting amount.

2. If you see a gray box with a lock icon on your relic.. that means there's a dormant buff waiting to be unleashed.

3. Similarly to skills on your titan... you generally need to use higher star rated relics during repair to unlock the second or third buffs on certain powerful relics..

4. It will likely take you 10 repairs or so to max out a relic so be prepared for that. It will cost you food and other relics. Think wisely about which relics you really want and need the most. You will have to sacrifice other relics in the process.

5. You can repair a relic even with full durability. Often when I am trying to max out a relic... I will keep repairing about 4 or 5 times in a row. It is costly for food and other relics but I will usually get a couple of unlocks and upgrades to the attributes. (it is also a GREAT way to get rid of all the clutter in your relic treasure trove!)

6. Last bit of advice... I recommend maxing out the repair rate to 100% when trying to upgrade... especially if you are dropping 2 or 3 star relics in the mix.. it matters.

There you go. Upgrade away. Become a grandmaster.

Zac aka Lord Linton


Let's get real... the relic system is messed up. It kind of reminds me of that reality TV show... hoarders. :)

1. Like it or not... clutter management is part of the game. You have a relic capacity limit and spending more gems to hoard more unnecessary stuff is not the answer.

2. By upgrading and repairing relics... you will lower your overall count. You can also go on mass selling sprees of certain scrolls etc.

3. The game makers added a sort function in the tab to the lower left. You can sort by star level.. and relic type. Kind of helpful but still cumbersome overall.

4. Here are my suggestions for improvement to the game makers if they ever get around to reading any of this:

a. Have a USE ALL or SELL ALL button for item relics and relics of the same type.

b. Instead of having a thousand pikemen scrolls... how about just ONE icon with a x22 or some numeric value representing the total count?

c. Show which relics are equipped to your titans so you don't waste time wondering which fire ring was equipped and which one wasn't.

d. Allow users to add a "favorites" section to their relics that they use most... they should be able to "ADD TO FAVORITES" and then that should be a sort option in the tab on the lower left.

e. Why... and I repeat why does the silly thing reset ALL THE WAY TO THE BEGINNING again after each click? I have to scroll for like 20 seconds each time I want to use a pikemen scroll or something like that. It should stay in place!

I love this game EXCEPT for the clunky relic UI / UX. Sooo... until they fix it... get your shovel out and get to work.

Zac aka Lord Linton