Dawn of Titans Wiki
  • Fireball Spell - Summon a burning fireball and reduce your enemies to ashes.
  • Shield Spell - Protect a Unit with a powerful shield that absorbs damage.
  • Freeze Spell - Freeze enemy Units so they cannot move or attack.
  • Terror Spell - Summon ghostly apparitions to make an enemy Unit flee in terror.
  • Lightening Spell - Call down lightning from the skies to obliterate your foes.
  • Rage Spell - Boost the damage dealt by one of your Units.
  • Acid Cloud Spell - Summon a deadly mist that poisons enemy Units that pass through it.
  • Raise Dead Spell - Raise the bodies of dead Troops as Skeletons that fight at your side.

FireballSpell LargeShieldSpell LargeFreezeSpell LargeTerrorSpell Large

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