Dawn of Titans Wiki

Campaigns are story-driven single player missions that players can complete to make progress in the game and earn rewards. Below is a very brief description of each of the Campaigns in the principal Dawn of Titans story arc.


To Arms

Protect your Kingdom against a deadly foe.

The Arisen

Investigate a realm where magic causes the dead to rise.

Magic Tide

Fight the forces of the sorceress, Malia, as you investigate the Cabal.

Unseen War

Defend yourself against an unseen enemy. 


Hawkin's attacks continue as your press deeper into enemy territory.

Army's Fate

Continue to investigate the Cabal, and fight a new and powerful foe.

To The Walls

Under siege in your own strongholds, you must defend yourself, or face destruction.

Fury of War

As the war with Falbard continues, an old adversary reappears.

Old Enemy

Kalin escaped previously, but this time you must defeat him for good.

The Cabal

With four members of the Cabal defeated, you must confront their mysterious leader.

Faith's Blade

As you fight the Acolyte, you must also find out more about his motives.

The Herald

The Cabal is all but vanquised. It is time to defeat the Acolyte once and for all.

Exalted One

Help the Pharaoh of the the Unak deal with a gathering insurrection.

Clan War

Assist your Ragnar allies with a conflict between Clans.

Civil War

Aid the Elithen Emperor against one who would see him deposed.


Protect the Mossmane lands from a deadly and destructive invasion.

The Desert

Navigate shifting allegiances in the war against the Unak rebels.

Dark Deceit

As Ulgan prepares for war, you must uncover the malicious force that guides his hand.

Lost Legend

As Thenia marches on the Elithen capital, the Emperor's life is in danger.

The Uprising

To free the Mossmane lands, you must break the invaders' hold over them.


March with Dunasir upon the Unak capital, and a final battle with the Pharaoh.

The Trial

If war is to be averted, you must test your might against Ulgan.

No Retreat

The Emperor is safe, but until Thenia is defeated, the realm is still in peril.

Savage Claw

As Tyron continues to fight, you must drive him out of the Mossmane lands for good.


Investigate the mysterious Brotherhood, who have made a home in your Kingdom.

A Free Land

Your Kingdom will not be safe until the Brotherhood have been driven out.

The Search

Search the Brotherhood's territory for a means to defeat Almarand.

A Hidden Key

The Sanctuary of Flame may hold the key to defeating Almarand, if you can find it.


The Sanctuary Guardians are fearsome opponents, but you share a common enemy.

Ancient Lore

The Sanctuary may contain the knowledge you need, but Almarand's forces seek to stop you.

The Shrine

Seek out the Shrine of Souls, where a means of defeating Almarand can be found.

Wild Realm

Journey through a lawless and hostile land in search of the fabled Heart of Korthan.


Fight your way to the Shrine of Souls, and encounter a new revelation.

The Alliance

The first of the Remnants of the Heart of Korthan lies in the lands of the Brightwater Alliance.


The lords of the Brightwater Alliance rally their forces in an effort to defeat you.

Unity in War

Battle to the centre of the alliance lands, and lay claim to their Remnant.

King's Right

In the land of Valnir, King Dederic uses the second Remnant to keep himself in power.

Riven Land

Dederic's own people join your cause against their tyrannical ruler.

Tyrant's End

The capital of Valnir is in sight, but you must fight bravely if you are to recover the Remnant.

The Pact

Journey to the lands of the Darkblood Pact in search of the third Remnant.

In Shadows

As the war against the Darkblood Pact continues, a chance to claim the Remnant presents itself.

The Escape

With the Remnant in your possession, you must fight your way out of the Darkblood Pact's realm.

Doom's Hand

The Heart of Korthan has been restored, but the threat of Almarand grows ever greater.

The Chosen

As you go in pursuit of Almarand, the first of his allies blocks your path.


To follow Almarand, you must pass through a poisonous wasteland.

The Journey

As you venture into unknown lands, Almarand's armies rise up in defense of their lord.

A Far Realm

As you confront the forces of Almarand, they assail you with powerful magic.

A Loyal Foe

Almarand's second ally emerges to stop your pursuit of his master.

Dread Legion

As you draw closer to the Heart of the World, Almarand's elite forces move to stop you.

Path Beyond

Both Titan and mortal stand between you and Almarand, but you must prevail over them.

Dark Destiny

As you close in on Almarand, you venture onto deadly ground.

The Nexus

You are all that stands between Almarand and his rise to ultimate power.