Dawn of Titans Wiki

So your battle hardened Titan has hit its max level. Well done and well fought! Are you wondering if there was something you could do to set your Titan apart from the others? Yes there is, and it is called Ascension. (As of 2017-05-07, it is unclear wether or not ascension is still in the game. Please confirm or deny this.)

How to Ascend[ | ]

When a Titan has reached its maximum level, Ascension becomes an option.

Tap the 'Ascension' button. This takes you to the Ascension screen. This is where you can see what your Titan will get when they are ascending, as well as the costs and materials required to perform an Ascension. Titan Shards, required for Ascension, are found at the Titan Monuments.

The Rewards of Ascension[ | ]

A successful Ascension will unlock the following for you:

10 Additional Levels for your Titan along with improvements to hit-points and damage dealt.
A new Skill Slot and a new Relic Slot.

All this adds up to a much more powerful Titan! Time to crush your enemies!

Resources[ | ]

A rarity 1 Titan needs 5 shards and 180000 Food to ascend.
A rarity 2 Titan needs 25 shards and 820000 Food to ascend.
A rarity 3 Titan needs 50 shards and 2300000 Food to ascend.
A rarity 4 Titan needs 100 shards and 4800000 Food to ascend.