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History of the Trials of Power

Many years have gone by... Many wars have been fought... and many battles have made their mark on the realm. There have been many victors and there were those who were vanquished. Now, a new challenge has awoken... A land, a land that has not been seen since the Almarand's first rise to prominence, has now emerged.

Titans would come from far and wide to fight on this very land, to show their true worth! To show their true power! To show everyone, that they are the ultimate victor.

Those Titans who had fight bravely and who won their heroic battles, had fantastic rewards bestowed upon them.


Hunters' Moon


Quiver with anticipation, get ready to aim higher than ever before and bow down before their mighty presence - the Rangers are now here!

Experience a new way of playing Dawn of Titans, with all new Ranged Titans. Feel the satisfaction of picking off your enemies, with a cheeky arrow or two. 

Visit the Adventurers' Guild to participate in brand new campaigns. New campaigns are available whenever you see the golden statue on the Guild's tower.

And show other Alliances your pinpoint accuracy with the Hunters' Moon leaderboard event.

So... who's ready for some target practice?

Lords of Flame


A sandstorm sweeps across a heated desert... In the distance, glistening, six figures make their way across the heated plains... Make way, for the Lords of Flame.

Gather your Alliance together... You are going to need everyone to help you win the fire fight that awaits you!   

Earn enough Flame  Souls and you could win up to six  Titans - including our two main prizes!!

The rarity 4 hot headed Unak Champion Drakor and the fierce and fiery rarity 4 Guardian Kalkur!

You could also win...

  • The Rarity 1 Champion Dalkar 
  • The Rarity 2 Guardian Karokar 
  • The Rarity 3 Champion Durat
  • The Rarity 3 Guardian Kazut - the Top Alliances will win this Prize

As well as Event Boost Relics, there are   Event Combat Relics! These relics are more powerful than other relics, which means they are very valuable! They can only be earned in this event but they can also be used after the event!  Visit the Relic Temple for a chance to get these Relics. These events are designed to be tough, so you cannot repair your Event Boost Relics, but this is just part of the greater challenge.

In this event you can win 30 prizes! The top players in the individual rewards will win the rarity 4 Titan Drakor and the Top 10 Alliances will win the rarity 3 Titan Kazut.

To win Drakor, you will need to earn  15000  Flame  Souls and to win Kalkur you only need 11000 Flame  Souls!

This is a  PVP only event which will last  11 days, so good luck brave heroes! Battle hard, and fight well!

The event is only open to players in the Bronze League and higher.

Dawn of Titans is Here!

Dawn of Titans is here! Download for FREE now on the App Store and Google Play Store!


Titans are Coming!

Hello everyone, We’ve got an exciting update to share! As we move through the soft-launch of Dawn of Titans, we’re readying a major update to the game that we wanted to share with you first so you know what to expect when the new soft-launch release goes live later this month. To find out more please visit our Official Dawn of Titans Facebook page!


There is a bit of a cold chill in the air...

MOTD BladesOfIce Teaser FB

1.10 is available to download now!

Dust off that chainmail onesie and sharpen your Boar Spite! 

The latest Dawn of Titans update is now live!

Pummel your enemies with our new PvP maps! Show off your wit and personality with our new player avatars! And take a look at the improved Fusion and Relic Repair visuals!

Download the new update NOW!

MOTD 1.10 Live FB

Leaderboad event - Paladins of the Inferno

"Within the darkness, there is a light that grows strong. A flickering hope that still burns bright from within the realms of the sea of flames.

Emerging from the flames, the Paladins of the Inferno rise from the molten lands.  These Paladins possess the burning souls of their lands and they will keep what light is left."

Welcome to the Paladins of the Inferno Event.

MOTD Kukur 02 512

Gather your Alliance together, as you will need everyone to win this war that awaits you. 

Earn enough Burning Souls and you could win the rarity 4 Mossmane,  Master of Flames, Kukur!

Fighting alongside Kukur, are the Paladins. Alina,  Ember of Heart (rarity 1), Pyras,  Ember of Focus (rarity 2) and Ignacia,  Ember of Might (rarity 3).

These Paladins have unique stats, powerful skills and fiery weapons. You can win these Paladins by earning Burning Souls.

Use our special event relics to gain Burning Souls and lead your Alliance to victory! These relics can help you gain  +200%, +300%, +500%and+2000% to your Burning Soul amounts! 

These rarity 3 and 4  Relics  are now also repairable so you can reuse your favorite relic! As well as our favorite Event Relics, we have brand new Event Combat Relics!  

These relics are more powerful than other relics, which means they are very valuable! They can only be earned in this event but they can also be used after the event!  Visit the Relic Temple for a chance to get these Relics.

The top players in the individual rewards will win the unrivaled rarity 4 Titan Kukur and the Top 1% of Alliances will win the flamboyant and mighty, rarity 3 Titan Ignacia.

To get the highest individual event reward, you will need to earn 15000 Burning Souls. You have two chances to earn Kukur and the event will last 10 days, so you have even more chance to gain this formidable Titan and the mighty Paladins of the Inferno.

So good luck brave heroes! Battle hard, and fight well! The war ahead will be tough, but you will be triumphant! The event is only open to players in the Realm of Mortals and higher.

Changes to the Leagues

We want to tell you about the new changes to the Leagues.

Legendary League


Stationed defense Troops should be an addition to your main Titan and Army. We want them to be concentrated, so it’s easier for you to use with your Relic Effects and Titan Skills. However, there should also be variety. So we have rebalanced the Stationed Defense in a few ways.

  • Stationed defense Troop Power and variety has increased for Mine, Farm and VP Lands
  • Stationed defense Troop Power has slightly decreased for Garrisons

Troop & Titan Balance

As you level up your Troops and Titans, we wanted you to feel like you were becoming more powerful each time you did so. To achieve this, we are increasing the stats at each level for all Troops, Titans and Spells!

  • Troops now gain more stats with each level up
  • Titans now gain more stats with each level up
  • Fireball, Poison Cloud and Lightning gain more damage with each level up

Victory Points

VP is a badge of ultimate power within the Dawn of Titans world, and it should be representative of how dominant you and your Alliance are. So to show this, we’ve re-worked the VP in a few different ways.

VP will now be rewarded for almost all Victories:

  • VP rewards added to PvP Mine Land Raids and Captures ·
  • VP rewards added to PvP Farm Land Raids and Captures ·
  • VP rewards increased on PvP VP Land Raids and Captures ·
  • VP rewards increased on PvP Garrison Raids ·
  • VP rewards added to PvE Mine Land Raids and Captures ·
  • VP rewards added to PvE Farm Land Raids and Captures ·
  • VP rewards added to PvE VP Land Raids and Captures

VP can now be stolen from rival players in more ways ·

  • VP can be stolen on PvP Mine Land Raids and Captures ·
  • VP can be stolen on PvP Farm Land Raids and Captures ·
  • VP can be stolen on PvP VP Land Raids and Captures ·
  • VP can be stolen on PvP Garrison Raids

League Rewards

You and your Alliance work extremely hard towards securing the top League Rankings every week. We want those rewards to actually feel rewarding. So we have increased them drastically. We hope you will be pleased! ·

  • Gem rewards are increased! Woo hoo! ·
  • Portal Stone rewards are increased! (Something we know would go down well with all players) ·
  • Crystal rewards ranging from Rarity 1 to Rarity 4, containing Relics and now Titans! ·
  • Rarity of Crystal rewards increase with League Tiers, only the highest League Tiers offer Rarity 4 Crystals. ·
  • A higher Rank in the leaderboard increases the chance for getting a Titan.

Important Information Regarding 1.8

We have important information regarding our 1.8 update. For more information about the release, please read the following information.

As you would know from the player notes, our next release is HUGE. So we are rolling this out in a staged manner. So don't be surprised if some of your friends get it before you! It was the only way for us to manage this release without putting the game into a long maintenance window.
In addition to this, we’ve made some changes to Reinforcements. You may notice some changes in your Alliance Army Camp capacity and the point value of the Units you send. This is normal and was necessary for us to do as we prepare for our next big release.


It’s here! The 1.8 release that you have all been waiting for. This has been a monumental release for us. A lot has been improved, and first and foremost we have to thank you - the players. A lot of this has been your wonderful feedback that we have taken on board.

There are two massive new features to play around with, balancing changes to your Titans, Spells, Troops and more, Cheaper prices in the Relic Temple and more changes.

Here is a quick overview

  • Titan Fusion - No more unwanted Titans! Sacrifice the Titans you don’t want to make your primary ones stronger Titans Rebalancing - To support the above features we had to rebalance existing titans. To do that we added additional upgrade levels to your Titans. And if you had Titans before, then great news! We’ve levelled up your Titans automatically. Example: If you had a Lvl-5 Rarity 3 Titan, you’ll find it's now magically Lvl-9! Enjoy
  • Tell me more about the Titan Classes - Infiltrators, Assassins and Berserkers: These Titans benefit from fast movement but have the drawback of lowered Health. Use intelligently for max effect. Stay clear of ranged units. Guardians, Champions and Paladins: These Titans will move slower, but have a lot of health that you can take advantage of.
  • Relic Repair - Now your Relics do not have to break any more! Sacrifice other relics to keep using the ones your love, indefinitely.
  • New Relics - 100+ new relics in the game. These have been designed to add a lot more strategy to your battles. Relics will now form an important part of your defense and attack strategies.
  • Troops Rebalancing - Troops are stronger. Which means that using your Titan as meat shield and hitting the surround troops with Fireballs is no longer a viable strategy. Instead maneuver your troops, make use of the right Relics and focus on the relative strengths and weaknesses of your troops.
  • Spells and Troops that your take into Battle - This number is determined by the levels of your Arcane Tower and your Army Camp. This is great because Titans fresh out of the Relic Temple will be able to carry just as many troops into battle as your existing Titans.
  • Reinforcements - The number of reinforcements you can carry into battle is based on your Alliance Army Camp. Again, great because fresh faced Titans will instantly make an impact on Battles
  • Rewards and more rewards! - There are loads more rewards in this version. Each battle can give you up to 3 Relics as rewards. One of these Relics might even be a Titan (woot!)
  • Other Changes - There are loads of other changes that have been requested over the last few months. For instance, if a land looks like a Farm, it will now give you food (yes, finally).


Do you find yourself hoarding titans that you never use or never liked? What if you could use these Titans to make the ones you really did like more powerful. Well, you have come to the right place. Welcome to Titan Fusion!

Change #1: Titans no longer need to be levelled up in in the Hall of Titans

That’s right, Titan’s automatically level up as you Battle. There is no need to actually go to the Hall of Titans to level them up - Which leaves more time for Battling!

Here are the ways by which you can level up your Titan:

Battles : Battles award you Titan XP, and the harder the battle, the more XP you can gain. This XP is added automatically to your Titan, you may even see your Titan level up at the end of an epic fight!

Titan Fusion : Another way to level up your favourite Titan is to fuse them with your least favourite Titan! Doing this, you can increase your Titans Level, Health and Damage and you can also unlock new skills.

XP Arenas: If you like a challenge, then battle it out at the XP Arenas. But be warned, these arenas are no walk in the park. You will require a battle plans, strategies and the correct combination of relics and reinforcements to succeed, but you will be rewarded with large amounts of XP.

Change #2: Your existing Titans's stats' may change.

Of course, in order to make your Titans more awesome, we had to change a few things. With our rebalancing, Titans now increase in the following ways. Titan levels now increase in the following way.

Titans now unlock skills with fusion and they can now gain an extra 10 levels. In fact, if you owned higher rarity titans earlier, then this is great for you. You can now really climb the titan rarity ladder. Example: A rarity-4 titan can be taken through 50 levels. At each level there are Health and Attack point benefits to be had.

Another thing you many notice, is that your Titan levels may have increased - this is normal and we thought that this would make our players happy. Remember though, relative to other Titans, the power of your Titan remains the same.

Change #3: Changes to Ascension

If you didn’t think your Titans were already special enough, Ascension will make them even more prestigious. This is your opportunity to take your max-level Titans and add even more levels and features.


  • Ascension was achieved when you found the right shards for your Titan.
  • There were two levels of Ascension
  • Ascension upgraded and unlocked new skills


  • Ascension can only be done on a max-level Titan
  • Ascension will require shards (like before)
  • Ascension will add another 10 possible levels to your Titan
  • Ascension will add another relic and spell slot for your Titan to unlock via Fusion
  • Ascension will add a cool suffix to your Titans’ name

You already have a lot of Titans. Some Ascended. Now what?

  • All Titans that were fully Ascended earlier, will come into the 1.8 release as Ascended (Great!)
  • If you had Titans that were only Ascended to the 1st level of Ascension, then they will not be Ascended in the 1.8 version. However - ALL shards spent are refunded, so you can use them in the future (Great!)
  • Important note: The game’s inventory will not actually show you these shards. But don’t worry, the Shards are there and you will see them when you go to Ascend your Titan!
  • As a bonus, Any skills previously unlocked will carry forward into the 1.8 version (Wow!)
  • We wanted to reward our loyal players and we felt that additional skills was the perfect idea! So this is why some Titans will have more skills than you can actually now get in-game.


Here our favourite Titan TA’GAN is has reached the max level of 30 and is ready to Ascend.

The green 30/40 show the new max level.

Ascension also unlock a new Skill slot and a new Relic Slot for your Titan.

It requires 30 Champion Shards. Here, the player already has more than 30.

All requirements are met. So what happens after Ascension?

TA’GAN gets the above benefits, a cool title and most importantly 10 more levels. This Titan is on his way to becoming seriously powerful!


Relics are of three types:

  • Combat Relics (attach to your Titan for a big boost in battle)
  • Economy Relics (attach to buildings in your city)
  • One time use relics (like Troops scrolls)

You can find more information on our Relic Repair FAQ page.

What is Relic Repair and Enhance?

From our three Relic types, only Combat and Economy Relics have Durability. This means (in the current game) - that:

  • Combat relics get a fixed number of uses and,
  • Economy relics get a fixed time duration.

But with our 1.8 release, you can now Repair Relics to extend their Durability!

So this means that you can continue to use your favourite high rarity Relic as long as you keep sacrificing other relics to extend the durability of your favourite one.

Change #1: The life of Relics (durability) can be extended + Changes in Durability

Some of the Relics have had their durability lowered, and this is because they have been balanced to reflect their relative benefit. But you are still able to extend their durability using other relics to repair them.

However, at the same time durability can now be extended via Relic Repair. You can consume/sacrifice other relics to extend the life of the relic.

(Example: For the relic above, you only have 2 uses left. But now, this can be extended!)

Change #2: With the rebalancing, will the durability of my existing Relics automatically change?

No, you won’t lose anything automatically. We have specially prepared measures in place to ensure that players don’t lose existing durability points. Because we are such lovely people.

For example:

This relic used to have a higher durability, but as you can see, this has now been rebalanced to a durability of 12. Therefore, a current owner might see this: 21/12.

  • This means that you still have 21 uses left.
  • Each use will cost 1 durability point.
  • You can repair relic once the durability goes below 12, (in this example).
  • It will continue to lose it durability with use, but when you try to repair it, it can only go up to a maximum of 12.

Relics: Getting Relics, Relics as Items and Rebalancing

As part of our new Relic Repair feature, we have rebalanced all existing Relics in the game and added many, many more. We believe Relics should play an important part in your battle and defense strategy. A well-thought out Relic combinations with the right Troops and Titan skills should give players an edge in battle!

Overview of Relics related changes:
  • Now over 200 Relics (up from 60 earlier!)
  • Relics can now have anywhere between 1 to 3 effects to unlock and power up (earlier all Relics had 1 effect).
  • Relic effects streamlined to make sense and be more applicable to combat and economy.
  • Titan XP Potions removed.
  • Grain and Food relic rewards no longer available from drops.
  • Inventory now starts at 200 (previously was 5), maximum capacity remains 500.
  • Changes to Durability (explained in the previous section).
Getting Relics
  • Relics cost 1K gems to buy from the Altar of Power (reduced by 1000 Gems), with players now, guaranteed a Rarity 2 Relic or above.
  • More Relic Drops - A lot more!
  • Battles you win now give you anywhere between 1 to 3 Relics as rewards. Keep the ones you like. And use the others to repair your favourite Relics.
  • Relics dropped in Battles keep getting better you progress through the game.
Relics as Items

One thing a lot of our players requested, is the ability to swap relics that are currently in use. Great news - it is possible now with the 1.8 release!

Earlier: Removing an equipped Relic from a Titan would result in loss of the relic.

Now: Remove a Relic. Attach it to another Titan. You can now do this as many times as you want.

Portal Stones

  • The cost of Portal Stones have also changed in this latest update, however Portal Stone replenishment time remains the same.
  • Players can now earn an additional 3 Portal Stones for watching a video, and can watch up to 3 videos per day.
  • 1 Portal Stone replenishes every 6 minutes. Players can now refill Portal Stones at the rate of 1 Portal Stone for 25 Gems.
  • We want Dawn of Titans to be an experience that is both fun playing for just a few minutes or of several hours. Players can come back multiple times per day to work through their Alliance strategy goals and Daily Quests, or they can play through mammoth sessions by accumulating Relics through battle.

Thanks to the additional rewards earned through every battle, you are free to choose the style of play that suits you!

Spells, Reinforcements and Troops that you carry into a Battle

We are changing the number of Spell Slots that a Titan can fight with in battle.

Before: It was heavily related to the Titan. Some had more slots, so it was great for some players but unfair for others

Now: The number of spells that a Titan can take into battle will be linked to the players’ Arcane Tower. Upgrade the Arcane Tower for the ability to take more spells into Battle

Army Capacity carried into Battle

Similar to spells, we are also changing the number of units that a player can carry into battle.

Before: It was heavily related to the Titan. So getting a new Titan and finding that your new Titan could only take, say 3, troops into a battle would be quite a disappointment

Now: This is now linked to your Army Camp - which now serves a dual purpose. It controls the number of troops you can take into battle and it also controls the total number of troops you can hold.

Reinforcements Capacity carried into Battle

Similar to spells and army capacity, we are also changing the number of Reinforcement units that a player can carry into battle. Reinforcement slots are now tied to the Alliance army camp instead of your Titan.

Why these changes are great!

One of the biggest issues that players had was that any new Titans they received (either as rewards or from the Relic Temple) has very few Troop and Spell slots compared to their other Titans, and this made them feel noncompetitive.

With these changes - any new Titan you acquire, will start off with the number of spell slots and troop slots that you are accustomed to and have worked towards.

Titan Monuments (Shards) and XP Arenas

Titan Monuments and XP Arenas give players more opportunity to acquire specific items or level up their Titans at an accelerated rate. We believe each battle type should have it’s own purpose and that skilled players should use different Titans for different battle types depending on their current short, mid and long term goals.

  • Titan Monuments are now the new name for Titan Shard Lands.
  • All Monuments give a % drop of a random Shard drop, rather than lands giving you a specific shard type as before.
  • Monuments have fixed difficulties just like XP Arenas. This is because previously it was sometimes impossible to acquire the Shard types you needed because of land difficulties.
  • XP Arenas will not drop Relics or Rewards, but do increase the amount of XP Titans gain from battle. Once battled in, Monuments and XP Arenas are unavailable for 24 hours unless you spend Gems.
Spells Rebalancing

When gathering feedback from our players, we found that certain spells were overpowered and certain spells needed a bit more power!. It was quite easy to identify these, as certain spells were overused. You know which ones they are!

We have rebalanced these as we believe that Dawn of Titans should provide all players with better strategic choices in their Battles.

More details:
  • Fireballs a comparatively less powerful and don’t expand in radius.
  • Lightning inflicts more damage and more strikes.
  • Poison Cloud is comparatively less powerful.
Troop and Titan Battle Rebalancing

As a team, we see tactical combat as one of the most important parts of Dawn of Titans. Players should be challenged to use their tactical knowledge and skill to determine victory! As a result, this update sees a number of changes to troops:

  • Battle visuals & damage distribution improvements.
  • Troop stats have to make gameplay fairer for all.
  • Rebalancing the speeds of all troops. Heavy units are now much slower to reflect their high HP and Tank potential, with mobile troops now feeling significantly faster.
  • Guardians, Champions and Paladins reclassified as heavy units. Slower but powerful and tough.
  • Troop training times have been revamped . Training of troops is no longer almost instantaneous, but is now linked to the value they bring to the battlefield.
  • The quantity of troops in battle has been updated. Militia, Archers, Spearmen, Unak Grenadiers and Elithen Pikemen always have 56 units no matter what level. Mossmane Panthers and Ragnar Goliaths now bring just 1 unit into battle no matter what level. The strength of units still matches the level selected, so upgrading troops is just as important as it was before.

Player vs Player (PvP)

In Dawn of Titans, thousands of players battle against each other in the beautiful sundered world to assert their power and rule the realm. PvP is a core aspect of the game and we are continuously tuning and adjusting PvP to make it exciting, rewarding and fun. We want you to have the best experience.

Changes to Lands
  • Food lands now only produce Food and reward Food to attackers.
  • Same for Gold land, these too only produce and reward Gold.
  • Players need to return at the start of the season to collect their VP and for it to count towards their individual and alliance totals.
Rewards from Attacking
  • Attack a Garrison to get 5% of VP held in your target's wallet.
Other Changes
  • Changed preset Troops combinations on Land defense to make more tactical choices depending on land type.
  • Titans are not spawned on Defense from lands found in the Birthing Pool of unclaimed lands.
  • Farms produce food and reward food.
  • Garrisons received an additional defense buff with additional unit slots for defense.
  • Holding VP bonus awarded to players at the start of season for keeping a VP land has been removed.
  • VP caps adjusted.
  • Captured Shard Plinths rebalanced to generate 1 Shard per 24 hours.

We believe there should be many ways for your to win a multiplayer battle Capturing lands and holding them should be as viable as attacking heavily and raiding / capturing. Alongside our changes to the Bravery Bonus, we think you are going to enjoy the PVP experience even more than you did before.

Inventory Management

  • Titans no longer exist as Relics - they are immediately summoned to your Titans Hall.
  • The Hall of Titans inventory has been expanded to reflect this change.
  • Unclaimed Titan Relics such as those won from Events or duplicates that have not been claimed yet will persist and can be summoned as a one-time action from your Relic Inventory.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Changed Reinforcement point distributions to remove an exploit allowing players to overload Reinforcement capacity.
  • Reinforcement slots now tied to the Alliance army camp instead of per Titan.
  • XP Potions are no longer in the game and will no longer drop. If you have any XP Potions, they will be converted into Altar of Wealth tokens.