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Alliances allow players to group up together.

Although you might think you'll conquer the world alone, you'll soon learn that forming an Alliance with other players is essential to becoming a truly powerful ruler.

Once you reach Castle Level 3, you will be able to explore the wider world and engage in combat against other players to earn Victory Points (or VP). When you have gained 1000VP, you will be prompted to join an Alliance, or create your own Alliance. Creating an Alliance will make you the leader of that Alliance.

There will be many Alliances to choose from - all will have different tactics and strategies. So if you are new to the game, jumping into an Alliance is a great way to meet new players, learn about the game, but also make some great friends along the way. Select your Alliance icon, which is symbolized by a shield and two swords in the top-left corner of the screen next to your Profile image. Selecting this icon will take you to the Alliance profile.

AllianceFirst Message

Alliance Profile

Selecting the Search icon along the bottom of the screen will allow you to search hundreds of Alliances. You can view the details of each one and decide which you would like to join.



Reinforcements allow you to get extra troops donated to your army by other members of your alliance. Requesting Reinforcements is easy - simply tap the Alliance Camp situated just below your Castle in your city, then tap the Request button.

Once sent, your request will appear in your Alliance chat. Your alliance members will be able to see the request and donate troops to your cause.

The number of troops you can receive will change depending on the level of your Alliance Camp. Troops have a point value based on their level and type. For example, a level 5 Militia will have a higher point value than a level 3 Militia, so while you can send higher level troops to lower level Alliance members, they won't be able to hold as many at once.

Once you've received your Reinforcements, add them to your army by tapping on the "Reinforcements" option in the load-out screen. Each Titan can hold a different number of Reinforcements based on their current level, their rarity, and the Titan type.

During the battle, summon the reinforcements by tapping the summon button in the bottom-right corner. The Reinforcements will deploy automatically and will have a "+" symbol above them on the battlefield.

Reinforcements are temporary units, who have been sent to help you for just one battle. After they've fought they'll leave your army, regardless of whether they survived or not.